As a leader, one of the most effective skills you can develop is the craft of building trust with your team members (and your upline).  Here are 7 Trust Building Behaviours that we suggest you invest in over 2023:

1)Talk Straight

Tell the truth, leave the right impression – these are both vital to building trust.  It’s acknowledging that half a truth is a whole lie – it’s putting make-up on the pig. Practice awareness in the language and tone you use considering the person you are addressing, but don’t change or hide the facts.

2) Demonstrate Respect

This is the common thread to consistent success.  It’s how you treat others and it has two dimensions: first, behave in ways that show fundamental respect for people and secondly, behave in ways that show caring and concern.  Don’t pick and choose.  Consistent success, involves consistent practice i.e. don’t show respect for some and not for others.

3) Create Transparency

For some, becoming a leader can be a real power trip that includes a sense of control over people and information. This type of behaviour certainly establishes a leader as the boss, but drains trust out of the relationship. Be honest, open and authentic.

4) Right Wrongs

This is beyond mere words of apology – although sincere words are a start.  It’s making up and making whole – this requires action.  It’s doing what you can to correct the mistake and then a little more. Don’t justify wrongs – this is an attempt to hide rather than repair.

5) Show Loyalty

Give credit where credit is due! And, always speak about people as if they are in the room. This builds trust and confidence in your integrity.  We suggest this practicing the window and mirror metaphor:

when things go well, look at everyone ‘out the window’ and recall all those who contributed to success; when things don’t go well, look in the mirror. Invest in some self-reflection.

6) Deliver Results

If you want to establish a relationship with anyone, seek to deliver results.  Results tend to give you instant credibility and trust.  People like to be part of a winning team.  Don’t be long on talk and short on delivery. Clearly demonstrate you can contribute and you can perform.

7) Confront Reality

Taking Dr Phil’s advice: if you want to get real good, you must first get real.  This includes discussing the ‘undiscussables’, the uncomfortable and difficult conversations.  It’s sharing the good and bad news, addressing sacred cows.  It’s naming the elephant in the room.  These are the topics discussed by the water-cooler, outside the office, mumbled by those who don’t have the courage to bring them up.  


Sustainable and authentic personal growth takes time; it will include success and failure.  Don’t rush in with the attempt to master these behaviours within a month.  Instead we suggest you start with one new behaviour, apply and review for at least three weeks.  Then add another behaviour and slowly, steadily build your repertoire.


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