We love Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and with Christmas and New Year holidays coming up, what better time to highlight effective renewal habits?

It’s probably pretty tempting to spend your break watching Netflix, sleeping in,  participating in higher than usual alcohol consumption, hanging out with friends….but here’s the problem.  These activities (alone) will not leave you feeling rejuvenated or refreshed.  They won’t leave you energised and prepared for the demands of a new year.

Here are some areas of life that, if we invest time and focus toward, will not only rejuvenate your thinking and mindset, but also lift your capability and energy levels for 2023!

4 Renewal Areas

We want to acknowledge that these four factors from Covey’s book, also align with Aotearoa New Zealand’s very own Te Whare Tapa Wha health model, developed by Sir Mason Drury (1984). How cool is that!

  1. Physical (Tana Tinana)
  2. Social/Emotional (Tana Whānau)
  3. Spiritual (Tana Wairua)
  4. Mental (Tana Hinengaro)

Many might think they’re too busy for exercise – but hey, we’re only talking about 30 minutes per day and the return on that invested time is huge! Just consider how a healthy, energised body performs for the remaining hours of the week. The gym might be your thing, but it’s not necessary; there are many other options available to you.  Consider walking, biking, swimming, stretching, yoga, some simple calisthenics (push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups)…


A lot of our emotions are aligned with our relationships and interactions with others.  Over the break, we suggest reflecting upon your relationships with others and consider how your relationships could be improved.  Then make a commitment to work on one relationship and measure your success over the month of January.


This is a practice that speaks to your core, your personal commitments and value system.   This is a practice that is extremely diverse from one person to another. It can be found in activities that inspire and uplift you.  Some find it in meditation, some in reading…others in nature.  Whatever works for you, invest in that activity at a prescribed time each day.  Adding it to your planned schedule (even though it’s your break!) will help this practice to become a habit.


You might be saying to yourself – I don’t want to think!  Here are some ideas that hopefully aren’t too daunting.  Read good literature.  Take it at your own pace, but read something that expands your mind and challenges your paradigm.  Writing is another powerful mental activity, we recommend journaling.  Reflect on your day/week/year, unpack the emotions or stress you’re still holding onto…journaling promotes mental clarity and context.  Organise and plan.  What do you want to achieve today/this week?  Give yourself a feel good factor, a sense of productive relaxation by ticking off your break wish-list!

2022 – it’s been a challenging year for many.  Give these ideas a go and you will come back from your break feeling reset, rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for 2023!

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